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    Value creation through product leadership

    for emerging B2B companies

    and their capital partners

  • About me


    Business owner with a successful exit.


    Veteran of building product teams that innovate and create shareholder value.

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    Harbor Products Group is a single person consultancy run by me, Eric de Jager, and supported by a network of related functional experts. I work primarily with B2B SaaS companies, and their capital partners to help evaluate and build product management teams and approaches that are best in class and build company value.


    As I have worked with other business owners and investors, some common themes emerged. They want reassurance their approach to building products is on target for the market and the best for their business at the time. They want to know they can get where they want to go and create shareholder value.


    About me: I spent the largest portion of my career as a product management leader at Microsoft, with additional stints in numerous roles across small, mid-market, and large public B2B software companies. As a co-business owner, I helped build a small company into the #1 award-winning leader (Best in KLAS®) in the hottest software segment (Robotic Process Automation) in the largest US industry (Healthcare). We were acquired by Cloudmed LLC in 2021. You can find more details at my LinkedIn profile below.


    Why "Harbor"? I unapologetically love sailing. What I have found over the years is that nearly every business leadership situation has a metaphor that can be found in the sport I love. The business owners I work with want to perform at a high level. When a storm approaches, they want to know how they can get through it and that there is a trusted, safe harbor nearby.


    That is the promise of Harbor Products Group.

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    Clarify your vision. Align your people.


    Innovate effectively and repeatedly.

    Common challenges I have seen and helped address


    Lack of focus and too many priorities.

    Unclear strategy and how to 'get there'.

    Inconsistent execution.


    Sound familiar?


    Product Play Book, a business execution plan for software and SaaS  products


    Your Market-Driven PlaybookTM establishes a repeatable framework for growth.


    How I work:


    My engagements are long term, typically 3 months or more. After an initial assessment, I provide a review and set of recommendations. Then if you want, I work side-by-side with your team to:

    • Help hire and/or build the right skills on the team
    • Establish focus and maintain alignment with the executive team
    • Leverage your customer feedback loops to refine the product roadmap
    • Build agile planning methods
    • Define and coordinate the product game plan execution across teams
    • Define an iterative Product Play Book 

    Uncommon Results

    “Eric's ability to cut through the noise and keep you focused on what really matters is immensely valuable for any product driven organization experiencing challenges of growth and scalability.

  • Partnering for success

    These are some of the companies I have been honored to work for or with

    Microsoft Dynamics - providing businesses what they need to succeed
    Databound Healthcare Solutions - Robotic process automation for the proactive revenue cycle.
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    Blackbaud - the world's leading cloud software company powering social good.
    Dynepic - Powering child online safety and the Internet of Toys
    Level Access - Creating an inclusive digital world for all.
    Nexvue - Achieve more.
    RainFocus - transforming event management into event marketing.
    Vena Solutions. Trusted by Finance. Loved by Business
    White Hat Security - Reduce Risk by Securing DevOps
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